MODWIT. Modular Architecture System

Based in the Rubik cube, MODWIT opens a new door inside the field in the modular architecture. Dotted of proper language, playing with the ambivalence exterior/interior trough wide zones glazed (first skin) and his system of exterior slat (second skin), faced and swing, let you think in a building of proper life.

The innovative system of assembly MODWIT is based in a simple structural concept that provides rapidity in the assembly, and solidity in the building giving him the possibility of modular growth along the time, with the feasible relocation in other surroundings, when the owner considers timely.

Designed to get more wider spaces, from the needs of the consumer, offering the possibility of decorating according to the style that is wished. Through the interactivity and by means of our team of designers, we can offer diverse options to furnish the house, having likewise a wide range of suppliers. The different degrees of sustainability, supply MODWIT from multiple options of comfort.

The proper characteristics of the building, the system of slat in façades and roof regulated systematically by a program, the gradual program of ventilation, the means of contribution energy supplementary, etc., give as a result a new comfort sustainable that goes through different degrees of echo efficiency until the proper level of Passive house.

The final result of a Modwit system, with independence of previously said, is based in the imagination of his owner, considering the diversity of uses that can be object: house, commercial, offices dispatches, study or workshop, etc. The personality of his façades and interiors, make these product, the most versatile between his modular competitors.

The MODWIT system approaches the architecture to the final user through an interactive game that allows not only the formal design of the final building, but also the design of his interiors providing a wide range of furniture, all this accessible in our web