The Idea

The image could well evoke a dream, the representation of the collective subconscious of a nation.

«The bridge is the nexus of union between the islands, which emerge from the sea like two great rocks, a bridge that flies over the water, safe from the contingencies and dangers that the sea represents and in which the successes achieved and the dreams which have yet to come true, come together, and which is well reflected in the national coat of arms of Trinidad and Tobago».

As in all conceptual architecture, this proposal is coherent with the basic concept.

There are two volumes, in clear allegory to Trinidad and Tobago, which fulfil different functions, one as a sports pavilion and the other, opposite it, as scenery. The cover of the pavilion slopes down to form the terraced public’s stands. Between them is a wide footpath which is the nexus of communication to all areas of the project. Distributed uniformly around the buildings are the outdoor sports courts and pitches.

The whole sports centre is surrounded by greenery and trees, forming the car-park, so as to lessen the visual impact of the vehicles. The parking spaces would be available according to the priorities and needs of the users.

To facilitate the accesses and the internal communications a network of underground routes has been designed. The colours will alternate in accordance the common philosophy of all projects based on the pixilation of the hummingbird.

The underground communication galleries, as well as inter-connecting all areas, provide the cross ventilation system, which, with the greenery trees surrounding water features, help to form a perfect bio-climatic space. Furthermore, part of the sloping roof has been designed to include a framework of solar fibres which will provide great ecological sustainability to whole complex.

The whole complex will completely capture the versatility of the programme, both indoor and outdoor in a way that will be reflected in later stages, as this description is merely the proposal.

The project foresees the maximum adaptation to the urban surroundings, therefore needing a more detailed urban study. This would mean making various alterations in the different projects to achieve a better consolidation with respect to the urban texture. The parking spaces would be available according to the priorities and needs of the users.

Agustin Arteta / Artur Bossy